Nurse Staffing

To be eligible for recruitment into our USRN, you will need the following:

  • Active RN license in your country.
  • Have a diploma or a degree in nursing.
  • Have at least 1 year of experience working in critical care at a large hospital.
  • Meet the USA immigration requirements for an employment-based immigrant visa.
Nurse Staffing
Nurse Staffing
Why Choose Us

Professional Nurses

We assist with NCLEX examination preparation, English test exam, preparation for relocation, Visa application, clinical and social support upon arrival to United States.

We will assist you, your legal spouse and children under the age of 21 years apply for permanent residency visas to the United States.

We have nurses for the following specialties:

Our Services

We have nurses for the following specialties:

Onsite, Fulltime

Medical Surgical Nurses

Medical surgical Nurses are well prepared and equipped to work in inpatient hospital settings in roles promoting patient safety, comfort, and improving overall patient outcomes.

Onsite, Fulltime

Critical Care Nurses

Critical care Nurses work in Intensive Care Units (ICU) with physicians and other specialists, in performing assessments, treating, and monitoring critically

Onsite, Fulltime

Emergency Room Nurses

Emergency Room Nurses provide care to patients experiencing medical crises requiring prompt interventions to prevent death or long-term disabilities.

Onsite, Fulltime

Labor & Delivery Nurses

Labor & Delivery Nurses support patients during and after birth under the supervision of a physician. They also care for new born infants.

Onsite, Fulltime

Nurse Case Managers

Nurse Case Managers work alongside physicians and other healthcare professionals in coordinating patient care, advocating, and in educating patients in meeting nursing and related needs.

Onsite, Fulltime

Surgical & Operating Room Nurses

Surgical & Operating room Nurses work in operating rooms caring for patients before, during, and after surgery, maintaining patient safety and providing comfort.

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