How GTA helps our Nurses with the Immigration process to the United States.

By Global Transformers Agency
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The immigration process for internationally trained nurses can be rigorous and lengthy. At GTA, we support our Nurses through the process by assisting with initial screening through Cgfns International. We also hold your hand throughout the NCLEX application process, preparation, and taking the exam. We provide NCLEX Study materials and take care of hotel and flight costs to the testing center. Our team will also assist you during the English testing in preparation for the Visa Interview.

In addition, we assist you and your family in applying for green cards and guide you in choosing great employers in the United States to help you reach your career goals. Once the green cards are obtained, we assist you and your family with the relocation process and settling in the United States. We provide clinical and social support as you settle into your new job and country. We have additional assistance such as help applying for a bank account and obtaining a car. We support you when taking the driving test and finding an apartment.

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